Prime Minister highlights the work of family doctors in Cuba

Prime Minister highlights the work of family doctors in Cuba
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4 January 2023
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Havana, Jan 4 (RHC) Through his Twitter account, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero described this Wednesday the work of family doctors and nurses as "the first battlefront" for health in Cuba.
On January 4, 1984, at the Lawton Polyclinic, belonging to the capital's 10 de Octubre municipality, a small group of doctors and nurses began a new care model aimed at improving the health status of the population, based on a clinical, epidemiological, and social approach.
Through close attention to the family, the community, and the environment, with social, community, and intersectoral participation, the Family Doctor and Nurse Program were born, a program under the leadership of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro which spread throughout the country and today it reached its 39th anniversary.
This has allowed the country to reach high levels in practically all health indicators, which places Cuba at the level of most highly developed nations, with advances recognized by the World Health Organization and other international entities.
This January 4, the central act will be held in Cienfuegos to commemorate a new anniversary of such a significant Program for the Cuban health system. (Source: Agencies)

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