Prime Minister analyzes challenges of demographic dynamics in Cuba

Prime Minister analyzes challenges of demographic dynamics in Cuba
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1 March 2024
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The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, evaluated the challenges of the demographic dynamics on the island, which maintained in 2023 the trend of aging and natural decrease.

In a meeting of the government commission that analyzes the issue, Marrero called for solutions based on local resources and for monitoring indicators that reflect progress and deficiencies.

He stressed that understanding, attention and control of the demographic situation requires a change in mentality, and pointed out that in this area there are several distortions which directly impact the population and therefore must be analyzed regularly at the national level.

The head of Government also urged to delve into the causes of non-compliance in programs and indicators with the greatest impact.

According to a national television report, he emphasized the urgency of incorporating attention to demographic dynamics as a priority element in economic and social development strategies, at the territorial and local level.

In this sense, the First Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning, Mildrey Granadillo, noted that the 2024 plan focuses on actions linked to the operation of grandparents' homes, nursing homes and increasing capacities in day care centers.

The meeting addressed the need to take a deep and comprehensive look at issues associated with the decrease in the global fertility rate and care for the elderly, the only population group that has grown in recent years.

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