President Díaz-Canel attends cantata for a free Palestine

President Díaz-Canel attends cantata for a free Palestine
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18 November 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel attended a Cantata of Solidarity with the Palestinian People at the José Martí Memorial in this capital.

At the foot of the monument to the Cuban national hero at “Plaza de la Revolución” (Revolution Square), renowned Cuban artists sang “For a Free Palestine” and peace and justice for the people of Gaza.

The Cuban president, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, and Palestinian Ambassador to Cuba Akram Samhan presided over the cultural gala.

Also present in the cantata were some 144 young Palestinians who are studying medicine in Cuba, who had met previously with Díaz-Canel at the Palace of the Revolution.

Cuba has repeatedly expressed its unconditional support for Palestine’s right to be a free and sovereign State, with its capital in East Jerusalem and in pre-1967 borders.

Illuminated by the colors of the Cuban and Palestinian flags reflected on Martí’s Monument, Cuba’s most renowned artists highlighted the Palestinian people’s right to free self-determination and demanded an end to barbarism.

In recent days, artists, intellectuals, outstanding cultural and political figures, civil society organizations, workers, and students have denounced Israel’s constant violation of the United Nations Charter and international law, with the impunity granted by the United States Government’s support.

On Friday, the press office of the Government of Gaza reported that 12,000 Palestinians, including 5,000 children, have been killed during Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip since October 7, and many are still missing under the rubble.

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