Political scientist Ramonet praises Cuban edition of book on Trumpism

Political scientist Ramonet praises Cuban edition of book on Trumpism
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17 February 2023
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 French-Spanish political scientist and journalist Ignacio Ramonet praised here the quality of the Cuban edition of a book of his authorship that deepens in the so-called fascist Trumpism and the impact it has today in the world.

In the context of the 31st Havana International Book Fair, Ramonet explained that the title “La era del conspiracionismo. Trump, el culto a la mentira y el asalto al Capitolio”, from the publishing house Nuevo Milenio, in the Cuban publication has 40 pages more than previous printings made in Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela.

He mentioned that after submitting the manuscript for the first editions, he continued working on it, so this Cuban version includes important topics that were not in the previous editions.

Among them, he mentioned that the assault on January 6, 2021 to the Capitol in Washington, seat of the U.S. Congress, was preceded by other invasions to emblematic buildings.

A year earlier, a demonstration by extreme right-wing elements against measures implemented due to the impact of Covid-19 in Germany degenerated into an attempted break-in at the Reichtag, the seat of Parliament located in Berlin.

Ramonet also mentioned the assault and looting of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris by the so-called yellow vests, a heterogeneous group that also includes ultra-right-wingers.

The book also recalls that the main headquarters of CGIL, the largest trade union in Italy, was partially devastated by fascist participants in a demonstration against the government’s decision to require a Covid-19 vaccination certificate for the access to various public places.

After the assault on the Capitol, Ramonet pointed out the invasion of the Canadian Congress, in Ottawa, by truckers who closed the building and mobilized people who came even from the United States, many of them fascist supporters of Donald Trump, the so-called Trumpists.

All these assaults were shocking, Ramonet said, and he called the attention on to how ultra-right forces managed to mobilize the masses and make them occupy the streets in a try to overthrow a democracy.

The professor also reminded that the events described above were followed by the assault on January 8 of this year, on the Planalto Palace, the seat of government in Brazil, and other institutions by followers of former President Jair Bolsonaro, also ultra-right-wingers.

For this reason, he warned that the extreme right in the world wants to snatch from the left the epic of insurrection, and called to be alert before this dangerous resurgence of fascism in our planet.

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