Photos by Swiss artist Marcel Dousse seduce Cuban public

Photos by Swiss artist Marcel Dousse seduce Cuban public
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30 November 2022
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Havana, Nov 30 (Prensa Latina) A photo exhibition by Swiss artist Marcel Dousse on Tuesday seduces the public at the Joaquin Blez gallery, attached to Fototeca de Cuba, with its evocative use of tones and ability to question reality.

Entitled “The Other Side of the Turn,” this exhibition will be inaugurated on November 30 to reflect the creator’s sensitivity and his constant search for new scenes, in which he reaffirms the individual’s condition in his or her fight for rights, according to the presentation of this project.

According to the catalog, written by curator Yanet Oviedo Matos, in this exhibition, the artist resumes his favorite theme: snapshots to combine questions and answers, connect the supposed logic of human processes in their different contexts and expose his keen lens.

This selection is about “fragments, micro stories, urban stories, the fabric of the memories of peoples and communities,” through impressive images that reveal the attraction for “the hollows pierced by reality, silence spaces and the howls of worlds in conflict.”

Capable of capturing shades of gray and white, of movement, light and shadow, the artist creates magic in each exhibition to the point of becoming a source of inspiration for viewers of his vision of the world in snapshots.

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