Patients and Doctors Trapped in Hospital Besieged by Israel

Patients and Doctors Trapped in Hospital Besieged by Israel
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31 March 2024
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More than 160 people, including 107 patients, remain trapped in Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip and besieged by the Israeli army for two weeks.

Health sources, quoted by the Al Quds news portal, said that the wounded and sick are being held in the Human Resources Development Building in inhumane conditions without water, electricity or medicine.

Together with them there are some 60 medical personnel, who also cannot evacuate due to the decision of the neighboring country’s troops, the news media denounced.

The Israeli Armed Forces justified their offensive against the hospital with the argument that Hamas and Islamic Jihad militiamen were hiding inside, which was denied by both organizations and the health authorities.

According to the Israeli version, hundreds of members of these groups were killed or captured inside the building in the last fortnight, although Palestinian sources deny these claims.

Mohammad Al Shawwa, told CNN a few days ago that he and his family were sheltering inside the facility when they awoke on March 18 to the sound of drones, bulldozers and heavy gunfire as the Israeli military stormed the building.

The military forced us to leave one by one. They stripped us naked and sat us in the courtyard. It was raining and terribly cold, he told the U.S. television station.

“They tied our hands and blindfolded us. They humiliated us and beat us (…) They razed the cemetery in the courtyard and dug up all the graves,” he denounced.

Since the beginning of its campaign against Gaza, on October 7, the army on several occasions raided health centers in the territory, including Al-Amal and Nasser hospitals, both located in the city of Khan Yunis.


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