Over 300 civilians have been killed in Donbass by Ukrainian forces

Over 300 civilians have been killed in Donbass by Ukrainian forces
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7 July 2022
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Moscow, Jul 7 (Prensa Latina) A total of 303 civilians have lost their lives in Donbass since February 17th when the Ukrainian Army intensified the bombing of the Donbass region, as confirmed by the Armistice Joint Control and Coordination Center.

A report published by the representations of the People’s Republics of Lugansk (LPR) and Donetsk (DPR) in the Center detailed that 232 of the victims belong to the DPR, and 71 to the LPR.

The Ukrainian attacks have killed three children and wounded another 19, and 1,240 attacks have been recorded to date against the LPR.

For its part, the Donetsk representation lamented the 2,535 wounded by the attacks of the Ukrainian Army.

“In 141 days of the escalation, 232 civilians died, including 16 minors (…) a total of 2,535 people, including 169 minors, were injured,” the DPR declared on Telegram.

It went on to state that 5,248 residential buildings and 1,154 civilian facilities were damaged, including 66 hospitals.

During this period, 5,445 attacks were registered against the DPR, 5,117 of them were made using heavy weaponry. The Ukrainian troops used a total of 46,064 ammunition of different types and calibers.

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