Nicaragua condemns Zionist abuses against the Palestinian people

Nicaragua condemns Zionist abuses against the Palestinian people
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15 April 2024
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The Government of Nicaragua condemned Sunday the abuses and genocidal attacks perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people with the complicity of the U.S. Government and other Western nations, and demanded the United Nations system to safeguard the law and peace.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Minister of the Central American nation, Denis Moncada, the Government of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo ratified that it has been aware of the constant aggressions against the population of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, while it has condemned with legal protagonism "the abuses, attacks and savage onslaughts, all crimes against humanity, perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Government of Israel".

The statement pointed out that, with consequence and congruence, Managua has requested in all spaces that these acts of brutality and violation of international law and conventions signed by the States be condemned.

Along these lines, the Nicaraguan statement demanded respect for the most elementary culture of coexistence in any part of the world and demanded the United Nations system to play the role of safeguarding law and peace.

Nicaragua denounced the incompetence and inaction of the UN and considered that this position makes it an accomplice of aberrant crimes.  He recalled that its bodies were created "to demand legality, legitimacy in the conduct of empires and their satellites".  Nicaragua observed that these "cannot continue to act with impunity, on the margin of the entire international legal order."

The revolutionary government of Nicaragua questioned the fact that the United Nations does not apply a standard of equity, and that peaceful peoples and law-abiding governments are accused and condemned from its space, while "they remain silent and concede on the destructive, arbitrary, criminal, illegal and unilateral aggressions euphemistically called 'sanctions.'"

Nicaragua considered these coercive measures as "permanent and systematic imperial violations of all human rights and of the laws that should be applied to enforce the urgent respect for life and the promotion of dialogue and peace throughout the world."

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