New Forest Fire in Cuba's Westernmost Province

New Forest Fire in Cuba's Westernmost Province
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9 March 2023
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Members of the Cuban Forest Ranger Corps (CGB) are fighting a new forest fire in the western province of Pinar del Río, where 67 forest fires have been recorded since last January.

The second chief of that body, Andy Luis Valle, confirmed to Prensa Latina news agency that the fire started last Friday afternoon in areas close to La Güira National Park, a well-known recreational site due to its scenic, cultural and historical values.

He explained that the flames have spread over 200 hectares of broadleaf forests, or humid tropical forests, and are already damaging land in the Mil Cumbres Protected Area, bordering the northern municipality of La Palma.

Agricultural and forestry workers, together with members of the CBC, are reinforcing the fight.

Historical records of the Cuban Forest Ranger Corps show a high occurrence of forest fires since the beginning of 2023 and place the province of Pinar del Río among the most affected.

The territory faces an intense drought and forests retain high volumes of undergrowth after the passage of Hurricane Ian, last September 27.

"The critical period ends in May and it is necessary to act with discipline when visiting the forests", concluded the second head of the Cuban Forest Ranger Corps in Vueltabajo. (Source: Radio Reloj).

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