Necessary Questions to Almagro and the European Parliament

Necessary Questions to Almagro and the European Parliament
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20 June 2021
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The attack in recent weeks against the so-called "axis of evil" - as the United States government and its acolytes on the regional rightwing have named Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua - has reached unimaginable proportions, although perhaps nothing at this point can come as a shock.

And it’s that the same week - practically the same days - in which pressure is building up to discuss and approve in the European Parliament a disgraceful Resolution against Cuba for the alleged violation of human rights, the Venezuelan government is prevented from using funds that were intended to purchase Anti Covid-19 vaccines for their people, despite being up to date with the payments with the Covax mechanism and they are even informed that these funds will be investigated.

Likewise, new unilateral coercive measures are imposed against officials of the Nicaraguan government and the campaign of discredit against Daniel Ortega and his followers is raised another notch, accusing him of persecuting and arresting alleged presidential candidates, for which he is threatened with summoning the TIAR, to expel the Central American country from the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and even High Commissioner Michele Bachelet are summoned to take action on the matter, after which they managed to get the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, to speak.

Several questions are raised, necessary in the context described and directed to the European Parliament and the "unfortunate" OAS, although rather to its Secretary General Luis Almagro. Where have they been or who has left them mute, blind and deaf in the face of the brutal massacre in Colombia with a death toll of almost a hundred, more than 300 disappeared and another unknown figure of wounded and mutilated? Why remain absent and distant from the thousands of murders already committed by the government of Iván Duque against leaders and social activists in recent years? Where were they before the repression against Chilean students and activists in 2019 and the coup in Bolivia in November of that same year, when horrendous crimes like those of Sacaba and Senkata were committed?

I dare to say more: What prevents them from speaking out against the increase in militarization, deaths due to discrimination, racism and xenophobia, the absolute disregard for human life, for people's health, that the government of Jair Bolsonaro has had, on days like these, he is also opposed to a law that would make mandatory the use of masks, being that country one of the most affected worldwide by the pandemic and where only 11% of the population has been vaccinated against Covid 19?

It’s clear that the attack against our countries will continue, those that have decided to build their own destinies or make profound changes in favor of the majority. Let’s not wait for the sadly famous organizations or figures like Mr. Almagro himself will ever speak out against the blockade of Cuba or Venezuela or the measures against Nicaragua; on the contrary, they will look for more reasons to attack us, justify and even propose more sanctions that displease and suffocate our peoples, with the supposed pretext of ending the "communist dictatorships that oppress them and don’t let us be free."

Just one more example: Since the demonstrations against the Duque government began in Colombia, Maduro was accused of paying for and promoting them, in the same way that it was done when the people took the streets in Ecuador to protest against the neoliberal packages imposed by Lenin Moreno or when Bolivians rebelled against the coup that put Jeanine Añez in power; in both cases, Cuba and Venezuela were accused of infiltrating military and intelligence personnel in those demonstrations to overthrow those governments. Now it’s said that once again our countries are responsible for the victories of Luis Arce in Bolivia and Pedro Castillo in Peru.

I could add many more questions or examples, but it’s to be expected that those who respond to very well-defined interests from the U.S., will not vary their ways of acting because it’s well known that whoever pays is in charge and the rest, the rest is just the same, even if lies, laziness, and unreason are at play.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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