Museum of Romania thanks Cuban artists for donating their works

Museum of Romania thanks Cuban artists for donating their works
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11 January 2024
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The director of the National Museum of Brukenthal, Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituta, thanked the Cuban visual artists Juan Leo Brouwer and Michel Mirabal Martínez for the donation of their works incorporated today into the collection of that art gallery.

In the letters addressed to the Cuban artists, he acknowledged their participation in the International Festival of Contemporary Art in its 2023 edition, where other 200 professionals from around the world and more than 70 institutions participated.

Likewise, the official confirmed the presence of the pieces within that space of the European country, created at the end of the 18th century, along with works by the painter Jan van Eyck (1390-1441), considered the most famous of the Flemish primitives.

The National Museum of Brukenthal, designed by Baron Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803) in the palace where he lived and ruled, includes his first collections from around 1790, exhibited to the public since 1817.

This institution, the oldest of its kind in the territory of present-day Romania, houses a compendium of around 1,200 pieces from the 15th and 18th centuries, especially examples of German, Spanish, Italian and the French and Flemish-Dutch schools. Now it will incorporate paintings by Mirabal and Brouwer.

Both artists from the island attended the Sibiu Contemporary Art Festival, Romania, by invitation, between September 1 and 23 of last year.

Brouwer, a graduate of the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, has a dozen personal exhibitions in Austria, Cuba, Spain and Romania; in thirty group exhibitions; and part of his work is part of collections in China, Spain, the United States, France and Great Britain.

Michel Mirabal, graduated from the School of Design and also studied at the San Alejandro Academy, has more than fifty personal exhibitions in Argentina, Canada, Cuba, the People's Republic of China, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Egypt, Spain and France.

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