MSMEs in Cuba, the experience of a local entrepreneur

MSMEs in Cuba, the experience of a local entrepreneur
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3 November 2021
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Yulexis Querol is born in Matanzas and we know each other since the days we studied together at the Carlos Marx High School. I could say that we lost contact for a few years, when I registered at the Havana University to majoring in Journalism and he stayed to study Mechanical Engineering. However, the bond is basically unbreakable, and several years later, here we are: the journalist and the business owner, talking about his most recent professional challenge: the MSME (Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise) Enernova.


Tell me about your initiative…


Well, our MSME is named Enernova SRL and, basically, we will focus on the recycling of non-ferrous materials and biowaste; the production of fertilizers and biogas; producing and marketing materials from recycled waste, and the production of furniture and infrastructures with recycled materials.


“We are five partners now, and we must get to the 90. That is why we fall in the category of medium-sized enterprise.”



Why betting on a new undertaking in Cuba in times where some believe the only option for Cuban youth is to leave the country?


Well, that is easy to answer. I was born here. I grew up here. I became a professional here. So it is here where my knowledge needs to be implemented towards development and welfare of my family.


What are the reasons behind that specific activity?


Our main motivation is to see how much recyclable materials end up in the dumps without a proper management. Thus, our business purpose is aimed at the recycling of non-ferrous materials present in urban solid waste, the recycling of biowaste and end-of-life tyres.


“We are also motivated by the idea of turning that waste into new products and this way, create a new purpose for those raw materials we throw away without taking into account its potentially high usage.”


How much may your MSME contribute to the community and the society?


Our main contribution may be to raise people’s awareness about recycling. In addition to that, we will seek to improve the collection processes of urban waste, which could lead to augment the availability of raw materials in other industrial processes, and in turn, reduce the volume of waste thrown out to dump sites. We also aim to create jobs, especially for young people and women, and encourage innovation in the recycling field.


Do you already have any experience or concrete action to share with us?


We have no results yet as we are focused mainly on the process of being constituted. But we have already worked in the realization of two projects: we are going to work together the University of Matanzas and with the municipality of Calimete. Similarly, we are conducting a public welfare campaign, which we shall name “Cero residuos (Zero Waste),” with which we plan to raise people’s awareness on recycling.


From your own experience while creating this enterprise, what would you advise other entrepreneurs who are hesitating to create their own?


My advice would be that, if they already have a general idea of the sort of undertaking they want, do not hesitate in developing and launching it. I really believe this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of the country and show everyone the skill and potential we all Cubans have.


“Our experience has been positive. The process has gone really well and we have been kindly treated by people involved.”


You have lived the process from the inside, what is your opinion on the impact that MSMEs may have on both the local and national economy?


Expectations are high. The emergence of MSMEs, no doubts, will benefit the economic ecosystem of local territories and the country and will increase the productive chains while strengthening the development strategy of the country until 2030.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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