Morocco exhibits works by Cuban artists

Morocco exhibits works by Cuban artists
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26 March 2024
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Moroccans got to explore the work of artists from the other side of the globe at an art show featuring works by 23 Cuban artists.

Titled "From the other side of the Atlantic: Cuban Art," the event is a chance to delve into Cuban art.

Abdelaziz el-Idrissi, the curator of the Rabat museum hosting the event, said the idea behind it was to bring art from faraway places to Moroccans.

"We have initiated discussions with other countries to provide Moroccans the opportunity to see what is happening beyond the Mediterranean," he said.

The show celebrates diversity and creativity in Cuban art, bringing visitors paintings, photography, sculptures, installations and videos.

"The 23 artists reflect the diversity of mediums and supports, showcasing the different facets of Cuban art with versatility. This is visible in the works of the artists participating in this exhibition," el-Idrissi said.

The art show follows the evolution of Cuban art, with its three sections that shed a light on different facets of Cuban artistic expression.

"This exhibition modestly retraces the journey of Cuban art since the 1930s," el-Idrissi added.

The first section of the exhibition pays homage to Wifredo Lam, a pivotal figure in Cuban art history.

This section that is focused on the developments between 1936 and 1958, features 46 pieces from the collection of his grand-nephew, Juan A. Castillo Vázquez.

Pieces by artists Loló Soldevilla and Sandú Darié, who were both celebrated for their innovation in abstract art during the 1950s, are also part of the exhibition as it's the contemporary Cuban art of the 20th century.

Hosted at the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the exhibition made its debut in the North African country last month.

"This exhibition is, above all, a surprise. I did not expect to find Cuban artists in Rabat," said Antoine Ansar, who recently visited the show.

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