Medical Sciences Students in Cuba: Essential Force against Covid-19

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Medical Sciences Students in Cuba: Essential Force against Covid-19
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25 May 2020
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Cuba’s health system, since this outbreak’s early days, has counted on Medical Sciences students to take on different missions. Nothing is improvised. This is part of the humanist approach linked to the study of this specialty in the island. Actually, those future professionals are well aware of the role they play in these sorts of situations. In fact, stomatologists, rehabilitation therapists, health technicians, and undergraduate medicine students have been an essential driving force in the fight against Covid-19 in Cuba.


Today, we will take a closer look to door-to-door case findings, one of the pillars of the prevention and control program. On the involvement of students in this program, we talked to some neighbors (specially from the age group at highest risk) in a community of Plaza de la Revolución municipality, in Havana.


Francisco Álvarez Alonso: “The boys and girls, all of them are very kind. They go upstairs and downstairs in the apartment building. And there are lots of apartments here. They ask case-finding questions and come every day. They are excellent partners. If you need to go to the hospital and you feel tired, the doctor comes here and check our blood pressure. You can ask everyone…”



María Villar García: “Our best options are the boys and girls who come here every day asking about our health. They are really good! They always care about everyone’s condition. I have two in my family involved in door-to-door case findings as well. This is very good because if you come today and you see I am actually fine, and you come tomorrow and I am not ok, then you take note and have a referential point on my health condition. The idea has been pretty good. There is nothing like Cuba!



Israel Najarro Balmaceda: “Everything is all right. The doctor cares about me. She comes every day and asks how do I feel. Then, everything is all right. There are no problems. How are you?” — I am fine. Do you feel ill? And I say: I am ok. No problems.”



Elda Romero Benítez: “They have come. Sure they have. And she has come every single day. She asks if any of us has fever, or feels sick...That’s important!”


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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