Life means to daring

Life means to daring
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6 September 2023
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We are surrounded by uncertainties. And it is normal. We cannot control everything. That is why it is valid and necessary fearing the unknown. That is precisely why human beings intend to meet new challenges and hence, move forward.

We are all unexperienced when we are born. So daring is a path to grow and learn. It has been so since the beginning of our specie. Men crossed barriers and developed survival skills; for instance, men discovered fire, conquered the sea, created the wheel, the electric power, explored the universe and so on.

But fear is sometimes imaginary. We fabricated it. We tend to exaggerate our concerns and threats. We forget we are resilient and such behavior may well impact on our normal development. Until we dare to break the inertia, get out of our comfort zone and try, hesitantly, to move forward.

In this regard, not all of us manage uncertainty, doubt, fear, in the same way. It is not a problem for many. For many that is not a problem. Experts on the subject suggest that controlling people, those obsessed with reviewing every detail are the ones having more trouble to adapt as they react badly to the unexpected.

Can we do something to better manage those episodes that torment us and feel safer? Yes, the answer lies within ourselves.

That is what psychologists recommend. They tell us that we have the skills and we just have to, once again, dare to face each life challenge. And if we cannot, there will always be trained specialists to offer us the necessary tools that open our eyes and lead us to reflect that making our own decisions will help us get ahead.

The ability to adapt is innate in human beings. Being too afraid of life can be induced by external factors. That is why we insist that with professional help we can identify what causes us irrational uncertainty, and overcome it. It will be difficult as life is constant learning and sometimes it goes in the wrong direction, and it is human. This will help us meet our goals and be happy.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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