Jorge Glas' legal defense warns that his life is in danger

Jorge Glas' legal defense warns that his life is in danger
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7 April 2024
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The attorney of former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, Sonia Vera, has blamed President Daniel Noboa for the assault on the Embassy of Mexico and the kidnapping of her client, whose life is in danger.

Vera expressed that Jorge Glas is the object of a brutal aggression against his physical integrity and that his defense team is very concerned about his life.  During the last hours he was transferred to La Roca prison, in Guayaquil.  "We must alert the international community because Jorge Glas is in danger," she said.

She assured that Glas' son and other relatives fear that he will be assassinated.  "Let's not forget what happened with the alleged material authors of the murder of former presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, who died in Ecuadorian prisons, under the obligation of the State to protect their life and integrity."

The attorney confirmed that Glas was beaten during his detention.  Police agents entered his room, knocked him to the floor, tied him up and beat him on his back, legs and head.  They also crushed his hands.  She affirmed that they took him to the flagrancy area and did not allow him to have access to his legal defense, which violated the law and prevented him from knowing his state of health. And attorney Sonia Vera confirmed that the kidnapping at the Mexican Embassy corroborates that the legal persecution against him is real, as his defense has been denouncing for six years.

A habeas corpus is now being prepared to try to free him.  The attorney admitted that they are not hopeful that the recourse will work, but it must be presented to show at an international level that all national avenues are being exhausted.

"We are working on requesting provisional measures from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), whose measures regarding his case are in force.  In addition, we are requesting an urgent meeting with the Secretariat of the IACHR and the United Nations Special Procedures Group."

"At the international level, we also plan to present the case to MEPs and to countries that have rejected the violation of Mexico's sovereignty."   The jurist stated that the assault on the Embassy constitutes an aberration.  It is an unprecedented event at international level and without any legal basis.

She stated that the South American country is now being highly questioned at the international level for violating the right to asylum, refuge, fundamental principles of Human Rights, the Pact of San José, the Universal Charter of Human Rights and the Vienna Convention.   And the attorney said that nothing justifies the violation of a treaty duly ratified by the Ecuadorian State, such as the Vienna Convention.


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