Isabel Monal: Passion and Rigor

Isabel Monal: Passion and Rigor
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19 February 2024
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Two words define Isabel Monal, passion and rigor. On the one hand, passion and revolutionary commitment; on the other, the rigor of academic studies.

Isabel joined the M-26-7, carried out missions in hiding and in exile, she was the protagonist of the founding wave of the first revolutionary years, at the head of the National Theater, and of the resurgence of the studies and teachings of Marxism in the Revolution.

She is a National Social Sciences Prize winner, founding director of the Marx Now Magazine, a teacher of several generations, lucid and active at 92 years old, she is today a reference of Cuban and Latin American Marxism.

The Organizing Committee of the 2 Meeting of Theoretical Publications of the Left joined the Havana International Book Fair, which dedicates this current edition to her, to honor her.

It’s not a simple name, it’s not a simple praise, Isabel Monal is a standard of revolutionary thought in Cuba and the continent. It’s a privilege to be able to count, today and always, on her knowledge and her militancy.

In her thanking words, she confirmed: "In life what has led me is the passion against exploitation and oppression. The Revolution and Fidel gave me the chance to be useful to my country, because the suffering of Cuba I had deep inside. One didn't know what to do, one felt helpless, and Fidel gave me a goal to do. And that gave great meaning to my life."

"Today I have the passion and the fire, and I feel very proud to have participated in the Revolution, an event that opened new paths."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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