Iran says Tehran, Beijing share same views on Red Sea tensions

Iran says Tehran, Beijing share same views on Red Sea tensions
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29 January 2024
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Speaking to reporters at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani reacted to media reports that the Chinese officials have called on Iran to help rein in the attacks the Yemeni armed forces launch on Israel-bound ships in the Red Sea or risk harming business relations with Beijing.

Dismissing the stories on such a Chinese demand, the spokesman advised journalists to refer to the official sources in this regard.

Kanaani said the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has adopted a clear stance in this relation.

“We (Iran and China), as two countries favoring convergence, have expressed our commitment to and stance on the establishment of regional justice, settlement of conflicts, and countering tensions,” he added.

Pointing to the constant consultations between Iran and China, Kanaani stressed the explicit view of the two countries is that “the developments in the Red Sea are the spillover from the brazen cruelty we are witnessing in Gaza” against the Palestinian people.

He also warned that the Zionist regime’s threat of military action against Lebanon would jeopardize international peace and security.

He decried the Zionist regime for threatening to attack Lebanon in case the Hezbollah forces do not withdraw from the Lebanese southern border areas.

The spokesperson said the international community must be aware that the region does not need any new crisis and the spread of crises would not fulfill the interests of any side.

Describing Lebanon as a strategic country in West Asia and a pillar of security in the region, Kanaani warned that the Zionist regime is pursuing a new act of adventurism.

He also cautioned against Israel’s “perilous policies” that jeopardize international peace and security, saying the Zionist regime, already stuck in Gaza, sees its survival in the spread of war and getting other countries involved in clashes.

He called on the sponsors of Israel to advise the regime to abandon evil acts and stop its crimes in Gaza.

The Israeli regime is hammering more nails in its own coffin with its desperate attempts in the Gaza Strip, the spokesman added.

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