Greece calls for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to be given to Cuban doctors

Greece calls for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to be given to Cuban doctors
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3 August 2020
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More than 27,000 people in Greece requested that the Nobel Peace Prize be awarded to the Cuban Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in an initiative that kicked off on 28 March.

The Greek Team calling for the Nobel Peace Prize to be given to the Cuban doctors which are helping to combat COVID-19 around the world is supported by 70 local Greek organisations, including members of the Cuban-Greek Friendship and Solidarity Association in Athens and the Jose Marti Cultural Association. Among supporters of the initiative are many young people, including 1,350 students.

The initiative’s administrator Velisarios Kossivakis said the nomination seeks to “educate people about how a small, poor country has demonstrated to a world reeling from COVID-19 what global solidarity looks like.”

The Henry Reeve Medical Brigade was created in 2005 by Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, and since then it has been on the front lines of disaster around the world, giving assistance.

During COVID-19, more than 1,450 Cuban medical personnel has been sent to 22 countries hardest hit by coronavirus, including Italy, Mexico, Barbados, Jamaica and Nigeria.

“Our initiative grows and gets stronger every day, its members are from all parts of Greece and from all strata of our society,” Mr Kossivakis said.


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