FIHAV 2022: ETECSA for overall excellence in communication

FIHAV 2022: ETECSA for overall excellence in communication
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19 November 2022
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The Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2022) is the most highly anticipated event of the entrepreneurial sector in the country. Representatives from the business world gather here to strengthen ties while new partners are featured in the domestic market, both state-owned and private, and also from Latin America, the Caribbean, and other world regions.

This is the scenario to sign agreements, hold bilateral meetings aiming at consolidating Cuba as valuable destination due to Cuba’s professional experience, which helps showcase the Cuban entrepreneurial good work.

The ACCS’ —Cuban Association of Social Communicators— Comprehensive Communication Award is among the most important awards. In accordance with certain parameters, this entity evaluates the communicative work of the different work groups. This is a very useful distinction as it encourages specialists to maintain high quality standards as well as to aiming to be better every day and not only outwardly-oriented, but also focusing on internal improvement.

In view of the goals achieved in the last period, the Cuban Telecommunications Company S.A. is eligible for this award, which is regarded as valuable to continue on the path of excellence, according to the Director of Institutional Communication, Analaisy González Prieto.

On other occasions, ETECSA has been recognized for the comprehensiveness of its communication plan and the creativity in the use of professional tools for the management of its services. And this was possible thanks to the mechanism this company has envisaged for the client, their satisfaction and self-sufficiency within the system.

According to González, "ETECSA is optimistic this year and considers having obtained the results to deserve it because the company works hard every day paying close attention to small details."

The Grand Prize for Comprehensive Communication will be delivered this Friday, November 18th.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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