Experts to search for remains of missing people in fire in Cuba

Experts to search for remains of missing people in fire in Cuba
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12 August 2022
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Matanzas, Cuba, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) Experts in legal medicine and anthropology are ready on Friday to search for and identify the remains of 14 missing people due to the fire at the Supertanker Base in this eastern Cuban city, as soon as there are good conditions.

The time for this sensitive mission is approaching when the fire is in the extinction phase and light gray smoke rises from the affected area.

The team of experts will do meticulous and highly sensitive work, which is being closely followed by families of the missing, authorities and the Cuban people.

According to the Cuban Fire Department, the fire was extinguished in three of the tanks, which had a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters of crude oil.

The fourth tank affected by the fire still contains substances below the surface that can combust.

Meanwhile, the actions to control and overcome the incident continue here with the participation of firefighters and specialized personnel from Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela.

The minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), Army Corps General Alvaro Lopez Miera, chaired an event to acknowledge the work of Mexican and Venezuelan aid workers who are participating here side by side in the extinction tasks.

Mexican Ambassador Miguel Diaz Reynoso, who participated in the tribute, is already a well-known figure in Matanzas due to his presence at the Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport, adjacent to this western city and the destination of an intense airlift from Mexico and Venezuela.


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