EDITORIAL: Cuban Workers, With the Force of Dignity

EDITORIAL: Cuban Workers, With the Force of Dignity
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1 May 2024
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The symbolic wealth of José Martí Revolution Square is undeniable and is closely linked to the parades for International Workers' Day. This year will be different. The complex economic panorama advises against organizing large mobilizations, which would involve considerable expenses in logistics.

But that does not mean that the country is going to give up celebrations that have become a sign of the majority support for a society project, defended in the face of several pressures, among which stands out the criminal blockade imposed by successive US administrations.

But in Cuba we stake on life, on the future. Cuban workers, from all sectors, constitute the fundamental pillar of this national effort.

This May 1, millions of Cubans gather in squares and streets to endorse that right to build a better country together. The moment is complex, there are many challenges, but it’s necessary to build agreement. In the face of attempts to destroy the Revolution, from outside and within, the most powerful response is unity.

Work is a guarantee and possibility of development and dignity. Work honors. Every day thousands of Cubans go out to give their contribution, facing many obstacles, but aware of their greater responsibility to the Homeland and the Revolution.

This commitment transcends even specific slogans, it takes shape in a demanding daily life. It is an invincible force. The force of dignity.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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