Díaz-Canel visits bioelectric plant in central Cuba

Díaz-Canel visits bioelectric plant in central Cuba
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8 February 2024
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel met on Thursday with workers of the bioelectric plant adjacent to the Ciro Redondo sugar mill, in Ciego de Avila, where he learned about the main difficulties that prevent its proper functioning.

During his stay at the center, the head of State ordered to investigate the causes that prevent the bioelectric plant from complying with the assigned programs, after the investment made three years ago.

Accompanied by Roberto Morales, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), and local leaders, Díaz-Canel also visited the Center for the Reproduction of Entomophages and Entomopathogens, where he met with workers about the production and release of the Lixophaga fly, an insect that fights borer, the main pest that affects sugar cane.

Center Director Jaqueline Pereira explained to the president that the entity has seven production lines and the main one is dedicated to the production and release of the Lixophaga fly, with the purpose of protecting sugar cane.

According to the provincial newspaper Invasor, Pereira presented last year’s results, including four applications of Lixophaga flies to crops of the Ciro Redondo Sugar Agroindustrial Company to fight Borer, the main pest that affects that grass.

The Lixophaga fly is its natural enemy and is highly appreciated in times where pesticides and chemical fertilizers are scarce, the newspaper said.

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