Determination, Love, and Faith for Matanzas

Determination, Love, and Faith for Matanzas
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6 August 2022
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No one should take advantage of this critical time to manipulate, politicking, or give life to bad omen or short-legged lies, at least not on my Facebook wall, not in my chats, not in front of me. I do not care if they are naïve or well-paid. Today, my city, my people, hurt too much.

I'm worried, sad. I am crying like crazy. I feel powerless for not being there doing something, helping in some way. I am worried and I fear for those who are still there.

Most of the people I care about live there. My son and my mom are there (they are safe, luckily. But distance is tormenting me, nonetheless). There, where things are tough, there are colleagues of mine who I admire and respect. It hurts a lot…

I just trust the people who are doing their best on the field right now, including the leaders of the nation and the province.

Here, I only accept solidarity, prayers to the Gods you worship. But sincere prayers, full of good vibes. When your soul hurts too much, tolerance falls to zero.

My infinite gratitude to those who do not need this warning as they have been feeling my pain as well, the pain of Matanzas, the pain of Cuba. Those people who are extinguishing the fire, reporting, making decision, healing, or just ready to contribute somehow.

Optimism is evasive now. It is almost impossible. But good thoughts and good vibes are imperative. To hate or wish harm go to other place, the Bay of Matanzas only needs determination, love, and faith.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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