Cuba’s human rights work highlighted in Costa Rica

Cuba’s human rights work highlighted in Costa Rica
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10 December 2023
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Members of the Bolivarian Circle Yamileth Lopez (Cbylo) highlighted here today the example of Cuba in equality and social justice: its modern history is a book of struggles for human rights, they stressed.

On the occasion of World Human Rights Day, which is celebrated every December 10 and also marks the 75th anniversary of its universal declaration, the group of solidarity with Cuba stresses that the liberating battles of the Cuban people were cultivated in the fertile ground of the struggle for rights.

In a statement, making a journey through the history of Cuba in this matter, they indicated that the ideology of the intellectual and pro-independence, José Martí, (1853-1895), also encouraged the struggle for social justice and the liberation of the oppressed and exploited by the colonialist royal property and the Yankee monopoly capital in full force.

Because when Martí says “Homeland is humanity”, he is planting a doctrinal and strategic principle of the Cuban liberation movement; to fight for a homeland is not only the purpose of an “independent republic”, they reflected. The continuous struggle of the Cuban people in different phases of their fight for freedom is a coherent evolution of battles for fundamental rights in the revolutionary transition of January 1959, to a higher scale of social transformations signed with the conquest of the Cuban people of fundamental rights.

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