Cuba's first biopower plant synchronizes with the national grid

Cuba's first biopower plant synchronizes with the national grid
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16 March 2020
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At 5:00 a.m. Sunday, the first biopower plant built in Cuba synchronized permanently with the National Power Grid (SEN ) As planned, boiler one was in charge of starting the generation of the 27 megawatts that the plant will provide to the grid.

This is the first time the country generates electricity from marabou biomass, for now the only source of power for the boiler in operation, while the Ciro Redondo plant is not yet in a position to deliver bagasse as fuel material.

According to the engineer Adisney Peña Paz, assistant director of the plant, during this initial phase, "we will maintain a constant check-up and, together with the Chinese specialists, we will correct any faults that may appear".

Carmen Taboada Hernández, vice-president of Biopower S.A., stated that from midday this Sunday, the stability of the plant was consolidated, and the plant will  keep on generating  until March 24th. At that time the plant will be stopped to connect boiler two to the steam manifold and finish the interconnections with the sugar plant.

According to details provided by the engineer Francisco Lleó Martín, general manager of Zerus S.A., which belongs to the Azcuba Sugar Group, the Chinese specialists will continue to work with the Cubans for two years, until the guarantee period expires, as stated in the contract.


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