Cuban Volleyball is back in the Elite

Cuban Volleyball is back in the Elite
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2 August 2022
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We have waited for so long a good news like this from our Men’s national volleyball team.

Last year’s fiasco in the qualification tournament for Tokyo Olympics hurt a lot. And some even casted doubts on the relevance of the policy to call Cuban talents playing across the world.

Luckily, time proved right those of us who have always believed in this working method, which in no way betrays our principles, but quite the opposite: adapting to reality and opening our arms to anyone who feels Cuba in their heart and wants to play with those who decided to stayed here.

The World Challenger was that episode the Cuban volleyball family had been waiting for a long time, and a blow on the table for the future: Cuba is back and to defeat it, rival teams need to play at their best.

I also believed the friendly match played against South Korea did not say much, and I was right. South Koreans were not even able to play the finals.

The technical staff has also a clear idea about starters and with the certainly that Cuba boasts four outstanding middle blockers. Both Roamy Alonso and Javier Concepción were leaders in the national team, which barely lost one set, precisely against Turkey in the final game.

Ours had failed to advance in two previous Challengers (they ended fourth in 2018 and were runners-up in 2019), but now they will play in the Volleyball Nations League, the most prestigious event for national teams with just 16 teams playing.

Our team will join squads such as Brazil, Italy, United States, Poland, France, Japan, Iran, Netherlands, Argentina, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, China, Bulgaria and Canada for next year’s tournament.

As it happened this season, the fifth Volleyball Nations League will be played on a round-robin basis over several weekends in two groups of eight teams each, on a rotating basis, starting June 6. The matches of the first week will be from June 6 to 11, the second will take place from June 20 to 25 and the third week from July 4 to 9, while the final phase is scheduled for July 19-23 with top seven teams plus the nation hosting the finals.

In total, there will again be 12 games in the qualifying stage, plus those of the finals, which is by direct elimination.

But heads up, we are talking about a somewhat distant future, let’s not forget the World Cup is held later this year. If they play at the same level, they well be the surprising team of this edition.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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