Cuban State Council evaluates economic and social agenda

Cuban State Council evaluates economic and social agenda
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19 September 2022
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Havana, Sep 19 (Prensa Latina) The Council of State of Cuba today evaluated the progress of the country's economic and social agenda, in a session attended by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

According to a note on the website of the National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament), the head of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil, presented the progress of economic measures adopted in the last session of the legislative body, last July, aimed at boosting the domestic market.

During the meeting headed by the president of the body, Esteban Lazo, those present discussed issues related to the recovery of the pig program and its importance to ensure social consumption and self-sufficiency for the population, demands of tourism and gastronomy.

As well as recovery of production levels in response to existing needs.

In the session, the decree laws ‘On production, development and use of biofertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides for agricultural use’ and ‘On the Social Security of Owners and Hired Workers of Local Development Projects’ were presented.

The first legal text, presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Ydael Pérez, will guarantee “a more efficient use of nutrients, reduce the amounts of fertilizers and financial expenditure to favor the establishment of crops and increase agricultural yields.”

Meanwhile, the second norm, presented by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Martha Elena Feitó, will be to establish a social security regime for the owners of local development and the people hired for its execution.

The state entity also evaluated the proposal for the appointment of new heads of diplomatic missions abroad. The president of the Commission for Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the Parliament, José Luis Toledo explained to those present, ‘the advances in the fulfillment of the mandates arranged provisions of the approved laws’, after the proclamation of the Constitution of the Republic in 2019.

At the meeting, Lazo pointed out that it is the duty of the Council of State to verify compliance with the laws approved by Parliament and to follow up on “its own provisions, in accordance with its constitutional powers.”

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