Cuban president recalls April 10 historic events

Cuban president recalls April 10 historic events
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10 April 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Monday described the establishment of the Cuban Revolutionary Party (PRC) and the Guaimaro Constitution as historic events on which the essence of the Cuban Revolution is affirmed.

On his Twitter account, the president said that the creation of the PRC in 1892 was ‘the great work of unity by Jose Marti to make the Necessary War and the dreamed Republic.’

He recalled that 23 years earlier, the Guaimaro Constitution, Cuba’s first constitution, was proclaimed, which today is celebrates its 154th anniversary.

The establishment of the PRC by National Hero Jose Marti, was aimed at achieving Cuba’s absolute independence and assisting Puerto Rico.

The constitutive event revealed Jose Marti’s political genius and demonstrated his capacity to join the people for the achievement of his pro-independence purposes.

The Guaimaro Constitution, on the other hand, was the juridical expression of the rights and aspirations of the Cuban redemptive movement, which under the presidency of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, head of the provisional government in the East, proposed the creation of the Republic in Arms just six months after the uprising on October 10, 1868.

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