Cuban ministers to hold exchanges with economic actors of the country

Cuban ministers to hold exchanges with economic actors of the country
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10 June 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 10 (ACN) In the follow-up to the 2nd Economic and Productive Forum Cuba 2020, the ministers of tourism and domestic trade will exchange views today in Havana with economic actors from all over the country.

The meeting - in person and by videoconference - will take place with the aim of knowing and responding to the main concerns and suggestions of representatives of the business sector, MSMEs, non-agricultural cooperatives and local development projects.

Also, Friday at the Tryp Habana Libre Hotel, there will be a panel entitled Approach to MSMEs, organized by the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba.

Workshops, panels with executives and specialists from different organizations, the presentation of the Business Guide of all Cuba, exchanges in the territories themselves, and from the capital with the heads of the ministries of the global economy, are part of the forum's agenda.

In the last few hours, the ministry of economy and planning (MEP) approved 108 applications for the creation of new economic actors, of which 107 are private MSMEs and one non-agricultural cooperative, totaling 3,765 economic actors approved since the process began in September 2021.

Of the MSMEs, 3,660 are private and 51 state-owned, and there are also 54 cooperatives.

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