Cuban hero meets with Serbia’s Interior Minister

Cuban hero meets with Serbia’s Interior Minister
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27 March 2024
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Serbian Interior Minister Aleksander Vulin on Wednesday met with Fernando Gonzalez Llort, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

During the conversation, Vulin said that Serbs and Cubans share the same values in terms of freedom, sovereignty and integrity, stressing that he highly appreciates and respects the Cuba’s persistent and tenacious struggle for freedom, diplomatic sources reported here.

He also expressed his gratitude for Cuba’s principled policy of not recognizing the unilaterally declared independence of the so-called Kosovo.

Gonzalez Llort noted, in turn, that Serbia is a sincere friend of Cuba and thanked this nation for its constant support in the struggle of the Cuban people for freedom and independence.

He added that the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia in 1999 by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was a terrible crime for which no one was held accountable.

The Cuban hero conveyed the Communist Party’s invitation to Vulin to visit the Caribbean country when his agenda allows it.

Also present at the meeting was meeting was Cuban Ambassador Leyde Ernesto Rodriguez Hernandez.

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