Cuban Food Industry Minister Visits Belarus

Cuban Food Industry Minister Visits Belarus
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8 April 2023
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Cuban Food Industry Minister Manuel Sobrino arrived in this capital on Friday as a follow-up of issues previously discussed, Cuban Ambassador Santiago Perez said.



Pérez told Prensa Latina that, in the last three years, this is the most important visit to Belarus of a delegation headed by Sobrino, at the ministerial level.


During the working days of the Cuban delegation in the country, in addition to meetings with Leonid Zayats, Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture and Food Minister, they will also visit production centers, the Food Institute, and the Academy of Sciences.


The diplomat stated that Cuba and Belarus would re-establish relations in this sphere so as to generate strategic alliances, as Belarus is one of the major exporters of food industry products.


In addition to exploring opportunities Belarus offers, the Cuban delegation will also promote to the host´s business sector, the potential of the island’s food production system.


The Cuban minister and his accompanying delegation had begun this tour in Russia, where they also addressed issues related to food production and other common interests.

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