Cuban farmers seek to raise production efficiency

Cuban farmers seek to raise production efficiency
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22 April 2022
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ARTEMISA, Cuba, Apr 22 (ACN) The need to raise productive yields, taking advantage of the 63 measures implemented to boost agriculture in 2021, was one of the main topics discussed during the 4th Plenary Session of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP by its Spanish acronym).

Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC by its Spanish acronym), of the Council of State and national president of ANAP, stated at the event, that it is a duty to increase the amounts of food sold to the people.

One of the main advances, he said, was seen in the delivery of lands destined, above all, to farmers' self-sufficiency and the increase of harvests, although there are 1,083 cooperatives still waiting, with Pinar del Rio(western region) and Villa Clara(central region) as the ones with the longest delays.

Likewise, Santiesteban Pozo pointed out, 1,448 producers, 47 agricultural cooperative farms (CPA by its Spanish acronym) and 31 credit and service cooperatives (CCS by its Spanish acronym) received funds from the Cuban Agricultural Development Bank for an amount of 715.6 million pesos, which seeks to boost priority areas such as pork, beef, rice, bananas, beans, potatoes and sugar cane, whose results should begin to be noticed in the short term.

A report presented at this meeting states that, to conclude March, the figure of non-payment amounted to 76,794,812 pesos, with an upward trend in eight provinces, with the highest amounts in Pinar del Rio, Villa Clara and Las Tunas (eastern region), in addition to the debts in freely convertible currencies (MLC) for more than 26 million, a resource highly demanded by farmers for their development.

The Cuban farmers' main goal is to achieve results in order to increase yields, especially in the pig program, the corn and rice harvest, the production of honey and the collection of coffee, five indicators that have been decreasing so far in order to achieve stability in the production of food for the people and other destinations, in support of the country's economy.

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