Cubadisco, present in the neighborhoods

Cubadisco, present in the neighborhoods
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23 May 2022
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This big celebration of Cuban music reached Cuban communities in its 25th anniversary. Parks, cultural centers and music schools welcomed much of the talent and proposals delivered by the 2022 Cubadisco Fair.


Outstanding Cuban musicologist Cary Diez, who has been in charge of the program, stated the reasons why the journey is paramount:


“The men and women behind Cuban musicology: Argeliers, María Teresa, Odilio Urfé…taught us that there is nothing purer, more important and respectable than everything happening in a community. Communities deserve us, train us. It is like that big family we all have. It is never enough to pay them a tribute and after 25 years of work, Cubadisco has always been in contact with those places.”


In San Miguel del Padrón and Guanabacoa, the Provincial Concert Band performed the musical tale Pedro y el Lobo; in Los Sitios, in Regla — at the Antón Recio platform —, In Centro Habana and the Old Havana — right at the Joseito Fernández Cultural Center —, music has been experienced as an initiative of the most important musical event of the island.  


The town of Lecuona, Bola de Nieve, and Rita Montaner welcomed at the Guillermo Tomás Conservatory the German pianist Sebastian Schunke and celebrated with rumba both the Cultural Diversity Day and the Africa Day featuring José Pelladito and Afroamérica band. So much diverse and deep-rooted, like its very own essence, Guanabacoa turned into an epicenter in Cubadisco 2022.


“The Cuban people is always connected to their roots. And I believe this program is very important,” Cary said, while she highlighted the participation of some of the artists awarded with the Cubadisco International Award. For instance, last May 18th, Belgium singer Mari Bel performed at a Senior Citizen Center in Centro Habana.


“There is nothing better to witness firsthand how Cubans live, with pain due to things going on, but filled with joy, courage, because we know we can move on and aim for more,” the specialist pointed out.


The 2022 International Fair Cubadisco runs until next June 5th. There are others events scheduled in the coming days where the neighborhood will set the stage.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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