Cuba urged to promote mechanisms for popular participation

Cuba urged to promote mechanisms for popular participation
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9 June 2024
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The president of the National Assembly of People's Power (parliament) of Cuba, Esteban Lazo, has stressed the importance of promoting mechanisms of popular participation and maintaining a permanent link with the citizenship.

Winding up a parliamentary visit to Villa Clara, Lazo called on the Cuban people not to give up and to be sensitive to the problems of the population.

Lazo, who is also president of the Council of State, highlighted the relevance of the meetings the deputies held in that central province, as part of the control work of the legislative body, which also contributes to its operation, as well as the work system of the districts.

The Cuban Parliament reported on its website that from June 5 to 8, nine committees of the National Assembly toured the 13 municipalities of Villa Clara, where they visited 300 work and study centers, 14 communities and talked to 12,111 people.

The legislators evaluated the main development programs of the territory, people’s dissatisfactions, and the alternatives to the main challenges the province faces.


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