Cuba for reinforcing sanitary measures for reopening

Cuba for reinforcing sanitary measures for reopening
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3 October 2021
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President of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel insisted on the need to maximize compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures against the Covid-19 pandemic to guarantee the gradual reopening of services in the country.

At a meeting of the government group tasked with counteracting the pandemic, the president warned that the enthusiasm for advances in the control of the epidemiological situation 'should not cloud our minds.'

The progress of vaccination against Covid-19 was considered during the meeting, with the first dose having been applied to 84.3 percent of the total population until September 30th; 60% for the second, and 46% for the third.

From the perspective of the number of inhabitants to be immunized, 96.4 percent of them have already received the first dose; 68.5% the second; and 52.6% the third, the site of the Presidency specified.

People not subject to vaccination for the moment would be those who are positive for the virus or became negative only a few days ago, children under two years of age, nationals temporarily abroad, and others; however, as stated by Díaz-Canel, no one will be left unprotected.

According to experts, the behavior of Covid-19 in Cuba in the coming weeks will tend towards control, a result of the vaccination process and other factors such as the effectiveness of the health protocols implemented.

Accordingly, on September 29th, authorities in the capital announced the relaxation of some restrictive measures in the areas of recreation, such as access to beaches and swimming pools, and the practice of sports, which added to the possibility of accessing gastronomic services in public spaces.

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