Cuba Recalls Raúl Roa’s Legacy

Cuba Recalls Raúl Roa’s Legacy
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20 April 2024
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez recalled the legacy of distinguished diplomat Raul Roa, on the occasion of the 117 anniversary of his birth.

In social media, Rodriguez recalled the Cuban intellectual and teacher of generations of revolutionaries and praised his example for revolutionary diplomacy, for his extraordinary wisdom and Cubanism and the defense of Cuba in the most difficult international scenarios.

Known as the Foreign Minister of Dignity, Roa first served as Cuba’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) and then as Minister of State, which later became Foreign Affairs Minister.

In a recent conference, prominent Cuban diplomats highlighted his career, moral virtues and contributions to the country, mainly in the creation of an identifiable school of diplomacy based on ethics, analysis and revolutionary principles.

They also underlined his role in the United Nations and in different summits of the Non-Aligned Movement in defense of multilateralism and Cuba’s right to its independence, self-determination and sovereignty.

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