Cuba recalls heroism of strike on April 9, 1958

Cuba recalls heroism of strike on April 9, 1958
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9 April 2024
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Roberto Morales Ojeda, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, recalled today the heroism of the clandestine fighters who participated in the strike of April 9, 1958.

The blood of the fallen was not in vain: this is the Revolution for which they offered their lives and will always venerate them, the party leader stated on the occasion of the date on X.

Called by the national leadership of the 26th of July Movement, the action was led by hundreds of combatants, mostly young and humble workers.

The purpose was to unleash a mass movement that would bring about the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista's dictatorship.

Events related to the strike took place all over the country; however, Havana and Villa Clara were its greatest examples.

After what happened, the repression by the regime intensified, which left more than a hundred combatants dead, among them Marcelo Salado, leader of action in Havana at that time.

Following the failure of the general strike, a meeting was held on May 3 of that same year, in the place known as Altos de Mompie, in the Sierra Maestra, where the result of the strike was carefully analyzed for the subsequent development of the revolutionary war.

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