Cuba to implement new health protocol for foreign travelers

Cuba to implement new health protocol for foreign travelers
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7 November 2021
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Cuba on Saturday began to implement new health protocol for international travelers in the face of reopening its borders, including the elimination of mandatory quarantine.

From this Sunday, those travelers who arrive in Cuba will not have to be in quarantine for a short period of time pending the results of Covid-19 diagnosis, a step prior to other measures that will be implemented from coming Nov. 15.

Cuba, on that date, will once anew receive foreign passengers at all its airports, in which around 400 weekly flights are expected to arrive in the country; in addition to allowing the stay of leisure boats.

The PCR test will be eliminated upon entering the country and all foreign passengers must present their corresponding health passport or vaccination certificate.

Those passengers with no health passport or vaccination certificate must present a Covid-19 negative PCR certification upon arrival. Such a test must be conducted 72 hours before traveling at a certified laboratory in their countries of origin.

In recent press conferences, Cuba´s Health authorities and Ministries of Transport and Tourism confirmed they will keep epidemiological surveillance in all ports and airports.

In the case of Cuban travelers, they must go to their respective family doctor’s office or community health area within 48 hours of their arrival.

These measures contribute to easing travelers to arrive in Cuba at a time it is intended to promote the country´s tourism sector.

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