Cuba hosts 10th International Pantomime Meeting

Cuba hosts 10th International Pantomime Meeting
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18 June 2024
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The Cuban capital will experience, until June 23, the art of gesturing that characterizes the 10th International Pantomime Meeting, Havana 2024, dedicated to Physical Theater and the work of Polish Master Henryk Tomaszewski.

The event brings together representatives of this expression in Cuba and 21 guest artists from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Poland in the Tito Junco Hall of the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center.

The Fusion Body Theater Company, led by Maritza Acosta, artistic and general director of the event, opens the meeting.

Acosta will later lecture on the influence of Master Tomaszewski’s work in Cuba.

Also, Mateuz Kowalski, from Poland, will deeply analyze the life of Tomaszewski, who was the “father” of the Polish Poster School.

The 10th International Pantomime Meeting, organized by the Fusion Body Theater Company, seeks to impact society through the art of gesture.

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