Cuba explores cell phone production

Cuba explores cell phone production
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22 May 2021
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The Industrial Enterprise for Informatics, Communications and Electronics (GEDEME) announced that it is almost in the final stage of development of the first Cuban cellular phone prototype, with an architecture designed for the conditions of the island.

René Cano Díaz, general director of GEDEME, told Radio Rebelde that the assembly process is scheduled to begin as part of a pilot test with 6,000 units by the end of this month.

¡In this first stage, he explained that the prototype would not have its own operating system, but in a second phase, it will have one developed jointly with the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI).

Among the projects already underway at GEDEME, Cano Díaz mentioned the launching, this month, of the first thousand lamps manufactured by the entity and the development of a wind turbine in conjunction with Jose Antonio Echeverria Technical University.

He said that the manufacture of 50 towers for mobile telephony programs replaces an assortment that was being imported and added that electric boards will be added to their production.

GEDEME has also entered electronic commerce with aluminum carpentry, electronic refrigeration protectors, LED light bulbs and will soon incorporate computers assembled on the island.

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