Cuba to Expand Presence on China’s E-commerce Platform

Cuba to Expand Presence on China’s E-commerce Platform
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26 August 2023
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Cuba seeks to expand its presence in China's e-commerce platform, where several Latin American products are now more widely accepted by Chinese consumers.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, Cuban Ambassador to China Alberto Blanco stressed that having launched the Excelencias Cuba section officially within in April was a milestone in bilateral relations.

It is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms in China. Two decades after its creation, it receives some 20 million purchase orders daily and has around 600 million loyal users.

“According to the company’s executives, the Cuban products, including honey, different brands of rum, and coffee, are consolidated in China and are increasingly accepted, so we are expanding cosmetics and guayabera shirts, showing Cuba’s potentialities to consumers in China,” the diplomat added.

Blanco affirmed that China is a leading destination for Cuba’s goods and extends services, including tourism, culture, education, and sports.

Chen Yang, general manager of the international travel agency Tumei, confirmed to Prensa Latina the launch on of the Cuba Tourist Card.

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