Cuba Decorated Vietnamese Officers

Cuba Decorated Vietnamese Officers
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7 December 2022
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Hanoi, Dec 7 (RHC) Ambassador Orlando Hernandez described it as an act of justice and honor the decoration awarded by the Republic of Cuba to a group of officers of the Vietnam People's Army.

This recognition should be extended to all the members of the glorious Vietnam People's Army, who with their daily and constant dedication raise the combat readiness of their armed forces and make them an invincible bulwark at the service of the homeland and socialism, he stressed.

In the presence of the Vietnamese Minister of Defense, Pham Van Giang, and the head of the Political Directorate of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), Major General Victor Rojo, the diplomat highlighted the celebration this year of the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Cuba.

He also noted that next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the presence of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro in the liberated zone of Quang Tri, in 1973, and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Cuba-Vietnam Solidarity Committee, in 1963.

Both commemorations will demand our efforts to celebrate the common history, which are the deep roots of the present we defend, our legacy for new generations of Vietnamese and Cubans, he said.

Hernandez also expressed full conviction that the People's Army will successfully fulfill its responsibilities and, together with the people and the Communist Party, will continue on the road to building a Vietnam of peace, unity, independence, democracy, and prosperity on the solid road to socialism.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vietnamese Defense Minister Pham Van Giang considered the solemn decoration ceremony as an important contribution to the consolidation and promotion of special relations and comprehensive cooperation between the two nations and peoples.

Cuba and Vietnam are two countries half a world apart, but united by noble revolutionary ideals and united in the struggle for independence, freedom and national liberation have created an empathy and understanding that makes them extremely close and intimate friends, he said.

Van Giang expressed his certainty that bilateral ties will acquire a more comprehensive and energetic development in the coming years, and his full confidence in the strong vitality of the motto that for more than six decades has accompanied and energized both nations: "Vietnam and Cuba united will win". (Source: PL)

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