Cuba Began Nominations for Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power

Cuba Began Nominations for Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power
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22 October 2022
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These meetings will conclude on November 18, and each constituency will hold them when it deems appropriate, taking into account the country’s current energy situation, President of the National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro, said recently.


At a press conference, she said that over 200,000 people are working in this process, which has about 1,400 supervisors and 24,000 collaborators with a representation of students.


In addition, she added that the first round of the Municipal Election of the People’s Power will be held on November 27, and the runoff will be held on December 4 in the districts where none of the candidates obtains more than 50 percent of the valid votes cast.


She stressed that the upcoming election will include the verification of the voters’ list ‘house to house’, for which they will have the support of the Revolution Defense Committees (CDR).

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