Cuba and the world will celebrate University Sports Day

Cuba and the world will celebrate University Sports Day
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20 September 2022
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Havana, September 20 (RHC)-- Educational centers in Cuba and the world are celebrating today, with a series of projects, University Sports Day to further promote physical activity among students. 

The entire university community can interact on this date around the realization of some exercise either outdoors, indoors or in their own homes or residences thanks to an initiative promoted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and the governing body of sport in the high houses of study.

Students have had a day to exercise their bodies and release mental tension since 2016, when the commemoration was instituted.

For Audrey Azoulay, director general of Unesco, governments need to implement educational policies in order to promote the practice of physical exercise in higher education beyond competitive interest.

Sport can have a positive influence on the formation of highly professional men and women, stressed the director, who valued as very positive the shows to celebrate the date because of the great talent present among the student-athletes and their contagious joy.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, the celebrations began with a festival at the University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences (Uccfd Manuel Fajardo), attended by the head of Physical Education and Recreation of Honduras, Mario Moncada.

In addition, the Technological University of Havana will resume its traditional March 13 Games on September 26, according to Juan Cabezola, director of Institutional Communication of that student center, who told Prensa Latina.

Before the end of the year, the country's universities will hold their inter-faculty competitions, resumed after the situation caused by Covid-19, among them the Caribbean Games of the University of Havana, the Galenos of Medical Sciences, the Cimarrones of the Uccfd Manuel Fajardo and the Mambises of the University of Oriente.

These competitions give students the opportunity to demonstrate vital skills and experiences necessary for their future professional training, according to the criteria of professors of Physical Education and Sports.

The students selected from the faculties, years or brigades, according to the characteristics of each center, give the games a colorful opening and closing ceremony, a propitious opportunity for a close exchange with sports glories, contests on the emergence of the university sports movement, book sales, community interventions and aerobic or running marathons.

Of these, a large percentage participate in the National Universiade, the peak event of Cuban university sports, which is held every two years with the participation of students from all centers of higher education, both national and foreign.

All competitions will pay tribute to the centenary of the University Student Federation of Cuba and the holding of the tenth edition of its congress.

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