China protests criticisms and interference by G7

China protests criticisms and interference by G7
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22 May 2023
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China filed a protest with Japan over the attacks made by the G7 against it and criticized Japan for allowing such a position as it hosted the group's summit in Hiroshima, official sources reported.

According to the Foreign Ministry of China, Deputy Foreign Minister Sun Weidong summoned Japan’s Ambassador Hideo Tarumi and rejected the criticisms included in the statements made during the summit.

The diplomat considered that such action constitutes interference in China’s internal affairs, a violation of international law and that it also undermines its sovereignty, security and development interests, and demanded that the G7 work on openness and inclusiveness, instead of creating exclusive circles, trying to contain others and resorting to confrontation.

Sun also urged Japan to correctly understand China, stick to strategic independence and bilateral consensus to ensure the stable, genuine and constructive development of Beijing-Tokyo ties.

The Foreign Ministry previously issued a statement condemning the pronouncements made during the G7 Summit on the issue of Taiwan, China’s maritime disputes, its nuclear program and the situation in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet.

The diplomatic institution also denied accusations of economic coercion against China and singled out the United States as the biggest promoter of unilateral sanctions, uncoupling and disrupting industrial supply chains.

China urged the G7 not to disturb global development with its members’ selfish interests and to promote collaboration to contribute to stability and growth in the world. It even urged to find out who was behind the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions and bring them to justice for destroying a major piece of energy infrastructure.


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