Brazil with broad agenda at Cuban 32nd Book Fair

Brazil with broad agenda at Cuban 32nd Book Fair
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17 February 2024
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Brazil will deploy a broad agenda today at the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress, the venue of the 32nd Havana International Book Fair, where it participates as the guest of honor.

The Brazilian booth at the fairgrounds will host the conference: “From the networks to the Printed Book”, by Ilustralu.

There will also be the activity It’s All for Yesterday: a conversation on the literary creation of Conceição Evaristo e Emicida.

In addition, the Professional Hall will host a lecture on “Brazilian literature at Casa de las Américas” by Caridad Tamayo (researcher at this Cuban institution).

This will be followed by “The challenges of the productive chain in Brazil”, by Juliana Monteiro (Brazilian journalist, writer and bookseller).

Later, Socorro Aciolli, a prominent Brazilian writer and teacher, will address the topic “Literary creation in the contemporary publishing market”.

An activity that promises to be dynamic will be the debate on “The Latin American comic strip. Different views”, with panelists: Ana Luiza de Souza Freitas (illustrator and cartoonist from Brazil); Gidalti Oliveira Moura Júnior (cartoonist from Brazil); Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente and Vitrina de Valonia (Cuba).

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