Bolek and Lolek Still On

Bolek and Lolek Still On
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24 December 2023
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Bolek and Lolek are already achieving a long history, or rather they have been getting on. These Polish cartoons celebrate this year their 60th anniversary, while they remain in many generations´ imagination.

Created originally from the Bielsko Studios in Poland, these two mischievous brothers were conceived by the creative mind of filmmaker Wladyslaw Nehrebecki.

Traveling around the world is the common thread running through the episodes that had its tv debut in 1963 and, given the overwhelming reception, was broadcast uninterruptedly till 1986.

During the 23 years of filming and airing, Nehrebecki created approximately 200 episodes, becoming a TV phenomenon that spread throughout Eastern Europe and beyond.

Bolek and Lolek even reached Latin America, specifically Cuba, where young viewers enjoyed daily the adventures of these graceful brothers.

After the original broadcast, Lolek, one of Nehrebecki’s sons, became one of the copyright owners and recreated the series in a comic book called Przygody kuzynów Bolka i Lolka (The Adventures of Bolek and Lolek’s Cousins).

Today this version keeps the legacy of the initial saga alive and allowed new generations to enjoy the adventures of these endearing characters.

With Bolek and Lolek you can visit the land of the kangaroos, the islands of Polynesia, the land of the Incas and Eskimos, and Canada, just to name a few places.

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