Bashar Al-Assad committed to strengthening Syria-China ties

Bashar Al-Assad committed to strengthening Syria-China ties
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25 September 2023
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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad called for closer ties with China and expressed his commitment to look to the East as a political, cultural and economic guarantee.


The president held talks with China’s Prime Minister, Li Qiang, as part of the agenda of his first official visit to this country in more than twelve years.

Al-Assad stressed that bilateral friendship and trust are based on a similar history and firm principles on which they can move forward into the future.

The president stressed that “most of the world’s countries are looking forward to the Chinese yuan becoming a world currency to get rid of the dollar which has become the Western weapon against the nations of the world.”

At another point, Al-Assad thanked the Chinese government for its support in his war against terrorism and in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake disaster.

On this issue, the Chinese Prime Minister reiterated China’s support in the reconstruction and consolidation of stability in that nation.

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