Artists and intellectuals repudiate the inclusion of Cuba in the list of sponsors of terrorism

Artists and intellectuals repudiate the inclusion of Cuba in the list of sponsors of terrorism
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17 January 2021
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Members of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) repudiated and condemned the dictates of the United States government to include the Caribbean country in the list of States sponsors of terrorism.

They assured, in an official statement, that the measure reveals the cynical and mendacious character of an empire that over more than six decades has promoted terrorist actions against the Cuban people, which have caused the death of 3,478 compatriots and the mutilation of another two thousand 99.

According to the text, the United States is an empire that has exercised state terrorism as one of its favorite tools with hegemonic pretensions.

Delusional gesture product of a delusion? Of course not. It is about the stubborn and unhealthy attitude of an administration that has not stopped attacking us, in its desperate helplessness in the face of the failure of hostile policy, defeated by the heroic resistance of the inhabitants of this archipelago, they affirmed.

They added that Cuba has the solidarity of millions of people, including numerous artists and intellectuals who from many countries have expressed their rejection of slander "and accompany us in the hope of building a world in which peace, culture and human coexistence are shared goods ".

The US measure to include Cuba in the spurious list of state sponsors of terrorism was announced on Monday, January 11, by the US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, and aims to intensify the economic war against the Caribbean country and impose obstacles to bilateral relations.

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